JeruLux – since 2008

JeruLux offers optical design services since 2008. It is owned by Elie Meimoun (אלי מימון), a physics engineer graduated at Ecole Centrale de Marseille, France (equivalent to a PhD).

In the last 28 years of professional activity, Elie was deeply involved in more than 250 projects requiring the knowledge of optics, electro-optics, physics, mechanics, manufacturing processes, image processing…

JeruLux’ customers include startups to established companies in fields as varied as medical, industrial, consumer products, military, automotive, lighting…

Elie is cited as inventor in more than 10 international patents and as contributor in several academic papers.

JeruLux expertise includes:
– electro-optical architecture
– non-sequential optical design within CAD environment (SolidWorks/Speos)
– complex illumination design
– stray light analysis
– classical lens design (Zemax)